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Welcome to the Rowan College at Burlington County Foundation Scholarship Application.

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Dear RCBC Students,

RCBC Foundation Scholarships are back!

If you are interested in applying for a Foundation Scholarship, please consider the following:

  • Are you registered for Fall classes?
  • Have you submitted your FAFSA app?
  • Do you have a minimum GPA of 2.0?
  • Have you thought about how a scholarship will help you in pursuing your studies?
  • Do you have two people that will provide a recommendation for you?

If you have answered YES to all of these questions, then you are ready to apply for a Foundation Scholarship!

Important Dates:

May 1 – Application Open Date

August 15 – Application Close Date

*May 1 through June 15 *– Priority Deadline
Early Bird Special – If you are awarded a scholarship, we will guarantee that you will be notified via webAdvisor or letter by the July 2 Payment Due Date, as long as you have met all FAFSA, Financial Aid, and Foundation Scholarship requirements. Note: Please keep in mind that if you drop, add, stop attending, withdraw from classes, etc., your award(s) could be subject to change.

Important Instructions

  • To register for classes, visit rcbc.edu/WebAdvisor. You must be enrolled in RCBC and registered for classes to be eligible to receive a scholarship.
  • You are required to use your RCBC Student ID and RCBC email address to sign up, sign in and to complete your scholarship application. You will not be considered for a scholarship without meeting these basic requirements.
  • Any student who does not complete his/her application fully, will not be considered for a scholarship. Tip: Do not leave your application in ‘draft’ mode. You must hit finish and submit for it to be completed.
  • Students should notify any reference person ahead of time to discuss your scholarship application. Your application will not be considered without completed reference information. You will need to insure that your reference contact completes the information at least one week prior to the priority d deadlines. For questions, please contact our office via email at foundation@rcbc.edu or at 856-222-9311 ext. 2200.
  • Unless you are an International Student, a FAFSA application must be completed with any applicable verification requirements. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for any questions regarding the FAFSA.
  • Please notify the Financial Aid department at financialaid@rcbc.edu, 856-222-9311, extension 1575 if you have any questions regarding your FAFSA and or Financial Aid requirements.
  • Please notify the Foundation at foundation@rcbc.edu, extension 2200 if you have any questions regarding scholarships.

Good luck!
RCBC Foundation

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